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Castle Life

In a Norman castle nestled in the Irish landscape, daily life was a bustling tapestry of activity. The castle kitchen was a hub of culinary craftsmanship, where skilled cooks prepared hearty meals over open fires. Succulent roasts and hearty stews were commonplace, utilizing locally sourced ingredients. Skilled craftsmen plied their trades, fashioning intricate tapestries, pottery, and weaponry within the castle walls. Celebrations punctuated the routine, marked by feasts and revelry during festivals or important occasions. In times of potential conflict, the castle's defensive measures were paramount. Guards patrolled the parapets, and strategic positioning of archers and knights fortified the castle against potential attacks. The drawbridge and sturdy gates were crucial elements of defence, ensuring the safety and security of those dwelling within the stone walls. Life in a Norman castle in Ireland was a delicate balance of sustenance, craftsmanship, communal joy, and vigilant defence.

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